Masaba Energy Services

Masaba Services offers sustainable energy solutions for homes and businesses, including Hybrid Power Systems that optimize energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint, as well as Electrical Transmission Systems to ensure reliable and safe power supply. Let us help you take control of your energy needs.

Hybrid Power .

Masaba offers Hybrid Power, a sustainable solution for remote regions and isolated plants. Renewable energy systems and an intelligent control system supplement traditional generators for more reliable, economical and environmentally sustainable energy. This system decreases fuel dependency and carbon footprint.

  • Energy Security with Hybrid Power
  • Ability to respond to load fluctuations.
  • reliable and cleaner electricity supply
  • Both private and public users.

Electrical Power Transmission Systems .

We have the capacity to supply install, test and commission overhead HT/LT transmission lines. These includes poles, conductor/cables, insulators, hardware fittings and ACB.

We offer 24x7 support with expert technicians and engineers who are available all hours of the day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With Techno 24x7 Support

Why Choose This Service

  • Intelligent control system
  • Economical and environmentally sustainable energy
  • Both private and public users.